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Gerotor Pumping Element CAD / CAM Software

Gerotor Design Studio (GDS) is a unique, fully featured CAD/ CAM solution to the difficult task of designing, analysing and manufacturing gerotor pumping elements. Used in many applications across the World, offering significant benefits over traditional ‘spur gear’ pumps. Gerotors are not an easy shape to produce. Previously, ‘off the shelf’ parts from the major manufacturers were the only option, forcing you to design your pump around the gerotor, which can be constraining. The ability to design bespoke gerotor sets (and be able to manufacture them) means you now have complete control over your pump design and manufacture processes. This software is available as a FREE to use, fully featured (no lockouts), installation for a 30 day trial period after which a registration key must be purchased in order to continue using the software. Node-locked, USB dongle and Network licenses are available. Click to see a list of Revisions and Fixes which have been applied (part of our ongoing improvement commitment). GDS will automatically update your software to the latest version (providing you have an internet connection).

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