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Gerotor Pumping Element CAD / CAM Software

Gerotor Design Studio (GDS) is a unique, fully featured CAD/ CAM solution for designing, analysing and manufacturing gerotor pumping elements. Gerotors are not an easy shape to produce, but offer many advantages over other types of gear pump including reduced pressure ripple and reduced noise of operation. Traditionally ‘off the shelf’ parts from major manufacturers were the only option to acquire gerotor sets, forcing design of the pump around the gerotor, which is a big constraint. Having the capability to design bespoke gerotor sets (and to have them manufactured to your specific requirements) means you now have complete control over your pump design and manufacture processes. Partnering with World leading CAD and Simulation providers, GDS enables seamless creation of 3D CAD models and the building of fully functional 1D simulation models using GT-SUITE allowing higher fidelity analysis of gerotor chambers, pump assemblies and complete hydraulic systems.

This software is available as a FREE to use installation for a 30 day trial period after which a registration key must be purchased in order to continue using the software. The trial version is restricted to low resolution Inner Rotor solid models and co-ordinate data (unsuitable for manufacture) – however, all other functionality is as the licensed version. Node-locked, USB dongle and Network licenses are available. GDS will automatically update your software to the latest version as updates are released.

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