CAD Modelling

CAD Modelling

A major benefit of GDS is the ability to create models in CAD, either by direct transfer of data from GDS to your CAD system or by the creation of a CAD translation file (Step or DXF). This allows rapid development of the complete pump and also integration with CAM and simulation software.

A help file is included for reference and additional guides/information will be published on this website as necessary.

Solid Models

Once a design has been created it is possible to produce 3D solid models of your gerotor and porting. Supported CAD packages are:

  • SolidEdge
  • AutoCAD
  • AutoDesk Inventor
  • Catia V5

The models which can be created in these formats are:

  • Inner Rotor
  • Outer Rotor
  • Gerotor Assembly
  • Porting
  • Trochoidal Curve (2D only)

GDS will automatically start a new session of your CAD program, or use an existing open instance, and create your solid model as a new part.
The centre of the inner rotor will be on the X-Y datum.
The lower face of the inner rotor will be on the Z=0 plane.

NOTE: In order for Gerotor Design Studio to create solid models, a suitable licensed CAD package must be installed on the DESKTOP machine. CAD packages accessed through a server/client setup MAY NOT produce solid models automatically. In this case, the designer should create DXF or STEP files, import into the CAD software and create 3D models manually.

The resolution used for the model is optimised to give a good model profile without tying up the computers memory resources. However, this will not affect the CNC output files – they are always written at the maximum resolution (actual number of points is dependant upon gerotor size).

Models of the porting are produced as solid parts, whereas they would be voids or pockets in a real pump because the housing geometry of the pump is not known by GDS. In order to create the ports in your assembly model, simply subtract the port model created by GDS from your housing model.

These models can be used to create engineering drawings, as an addition to an assembly model of the entire pump or for export into the GT-SUITE simulation software for detailed analysis.

Gerotor Design Studio has partnered with World leading CAD suppliers. This will ensure that the latest information is available to GDS to best support the model transfer process. Also, our customers can be confident that the collaboration between GDS and their system is recognised by their CAD provider.

STEP and DXF Files

In addition to the 3D solid model creation capabilities, GDS can also create non-specific CAD files for transfer of data to other CAD platforms.

STEP files can be created from within GDS and be imported into many CAD programs. Files can be created for inner and outer rotors and the porting.

DXF files can be created for the profiles of the inner rotor, outer rotor and the porting. Please note the DXF files are 2D profiles ONLY and not a 3D file. They are only for the profile contour, not the outside diameter of the outer rotor for example.
In order to use these files, please open them in your CAD package, create a sketch or flat plane drawing from them and then extrude to the correct thickness.

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