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Development Partners

Gerotor Design Studio is involved in a number of Official Partnership Programs, in order to provide increased accuracy for simulation and calculation techniques and to ensure high-quality CAD modeling.

Details of each of these partnerships can be found by following the individual links:

Future Developments

Gerotor Design Studio is in a constant state of development and enhancement. The licensing model allows for these developments to continue; providing our customers with ongoing support, new product features and solutions to their gerotor design requirements.

Most of the features of the software have been developed and implemented due to customer requests. These form the basis of our development strategy and ensure that the software is meeting the needs of our customers.

A continual log of the changes to the software is kept on the home page of our website. Any new release will be automatically downloaded and installed on your PC. This includes releases for bug fixes, performance enhancements (calculation accuracy and speed), new features etc. These are all provided to existing licensed users as part of the licensing program.

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