GT-SUITE – Gamma Technologies LLC

Partnership for Advanced Simulations of Gerotor Pumps

Gerotor Design Studio and Gamma Technologies have joined forces to offer their customers reliable advanced simulation capabilities for gerotor pumps based on the complementary strengths of each tool.

Design and create your gear set and porting directly in Gerotor Design Studio and get a quick estimate of pump performance. For advanced simulation, import the CAD model directly into GT-SUITE, and generate a 1D flow model automatically from the CAD model, to predict detailed flow and pressure pulsations, as well as cavitation and resonance.

This interaction is currently in development and should be a feature of the GT-Suite v2018 release – a version of GDS will be released simultaneously to enable coupling of the two programs.

The collaboration between the two programs will provide:

  • Interaction with GT-Suite (and GT-SuiteMP) to allow automatic build of gerotor pump models based on GDS inputs
  • Creation of multiple case set-ups based on GDS inputs
  • The iterative loop between GDS and GT-Suite to hone the design of the gerotor and porting utilising the GT-Suite Design Optimization tool
  • Detailed calculation results for flow, torque, power, efficiencies, pressure ripple, cavitation, and resonance.

Email for more information regarding this exciting partnership!