Gerotor Performance

Pump Performance

Pump performance can be simulated and analysed from within GDS. The performance is based on the designed gerotors and porting once further information regarding the material and fluid properties have been entered.

Initial performance results show the maximum tool size which can be used for manufacture; maximum pump speed to avoid cavitation/de-aeration; the size and direction of the shaft side load and the pressure ripple value.

Additionally, a number of charts can be created showing:

  • Flow vs Pressure
  • Drive Power
  • Contact Stress Between Rotors
  • Pressure Ripple
  • Volumetric, Mechanical and Overall Efficiencies

These can be resized and copied, printed or saved to a file for future use. The charts and data can also be exported directly to Microsoft Excel.

Detailed numerical performance data can also be produced in .csv format, from which further analysis can be made. This type of data is available for:

  • Torque and Power
  • Lobe sliding velocities, Contact Force & Stress
  • Volumetric, Mechanical & Overall Efficiency
  • Volumetric data (pump filling, pressure ripple)

Highly detailed analysis can be carried out using Gamma Technologies GT-SUITE 1D simulation package. The complete gerotor / porting model can be exported to GT-SUITE right from the GDS interface, enabling sophisticated simulations of the pump to be conducted with no previous GT-SUITE model building experience.

Our partnership with Gamma Technologies allows us to bring highly detailed pump simulations into the hands of GDS users, who may not have had this opportunity previously.

Please click this link to see our dedicated Gamma Technologies partnership page for more details.

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