Gerotor Performance

Pump Performance

Pump performance can be simulated and analysed from within GDS. The performance is based on the designed gerotors and porting, but further information regarding the gerotor material properties and the fluid properties must also be entered.

Initial performance results showing the maximum tool size which can be used for manufacture; maximum pump speed to avoid cavitation; the size and direction of the shaft side load and the pressure ripple are given on the desktop.

Additionally, a number of charts can be produced showing:

  • Flow vs Pressure
  • Drive Power
  • Contact Stress Between Rotors
  • Pressure Ripple
  • Volumetric, Mechanical and Overall Efficiencies

These can be resized and copied, printed or saved to a file for future use. The charts and data can also be exported directly to Microsoft Excel.

Detailed performance data can also be produced in .csv format, from which further analysis can be made. This type of data is available for:

  • Torque and Power
  • Lobe sliding velocities, Contact Force & Stress
  • Volumetric, Mechanical & Overall Efficiency
  • Volumetric data (pump filling, pressure ripple)

All of the performance data can be used in a design-analysis loop to optimise your gerotor / porting design to achieve the results you desire. The effects of a tip and axial clearances, gerotor size and speed, fluid viscosity, vapour pressure and delivery pressure can be seen instantly.

The performance of the pump can be simulated to give basic performance criteria such as flow, power consumption, volumetric and mechanical efficiency and contact stress between the lobes.
Other performance criteria are also calculated, such as pressure ripple, drive shaft side loads & direction, speed at which cavitation begins and the maximum tool diameter able to cut the inner rotor.

Performance criteria can be graphed, either within GDS or exported directly to Microsoft Excel. The raw data is also available as text files for export to other analysis software.

Future developments will allow the gerotor performance to be calculated in various CAD / simulation packages for increased accuracy and detail.

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