Manufacturing Your Designs

GDS can create files directly for CNC machine input from your design, for the inner rotor, outer rotor, inlet port and outlet port profiles.

The files are text-based and can be created as X/Y co-ordinates, X/Y offset co-ordinates (for a specified tool size), G-Code format, or (for porting only) a pocket milling routine. They are designed to be cut and paste (or imported as a sub-routine) into an existing CNC program file. They are profile co-ordinates only and do not contain information regarding cutter speeds, feed rates etc. Instructions within the output files specify the units, assumed cutter size (if applicable) and start/end points for the profiles.

The number of co-ordinate points for the profiles will be the same as those used in the calculation processes within GDS, meaning the steps between each point are small, improving accuracy. These are:

  • Inner rotor: 3600 points
  • Outer rotor: Up to 325 points per lobe
  • Porting: Dependant upon porting size, approximately every 0.5° rotation. Generally >1000 points

The number of decimal places for each co-ordinate point can be defined (to align with the machine tool requirements). Also, cutter size can be defined, to enable the creation of a cutter centreline path, rather than a profile path.

The files will be created using the same units as used for the design process (mm or inch). In the case of the porting files, there will be separate routines to correctly machine the upper and lower housing ports (if double sided or shadow porting is selected) in order to align correctly when the pump is assembled.

Gerotors can, of course, be manufactured by using the CAD solid models produced by GDS (see CAD Modelling page). However, not all of the models are as high a resolution as these CNC files (due to limitations of the CAD software system) so this may reduce the quality of parts manufactured directly from the solid model. Details regarding CAD model resolution are shown below:

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