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Gerotor Design Studio Manufacture Gerotors, Housings and Complete Pump Assemblies!

We have comprehensive CNC facilities to be able to manufacture gerotors for your projects and applications, from one-offs to thousands of parts. Using our 30+ years experience in gerotor design, engineering and manufacturing, we can help you achieve your project goals.

A recent move to larger premises has allowed us to expand to meet our customers needs, with further expansion plans for the near future. ISO 9001:2015 accreditation has been achieved and we are working towards achieving IATF16949

All our manufacturing is done in-house using our fully equipped CNC machine shop, comprising Haas 3 axis VMC, Haas Y axis live tool lathe and Haas 2 axis lathe. The VMC and Y axis lathe both have Renishaw measurement probes to ensure accuracy of the critical profiles during the manufacturing process. Generally we can machine to give precise tip clearances values (within a 10 micron band). We also have a 500mm automatic surface grinder, which is used to obtain precise thickness tolerances, typically within a 5 micron band.

We manufacture complete pump assemblies for a number of clients, in small and large batch quantities. All the components are made in house to ensure quality, consistency and delivery to the customers specifications.

Prove out your designs prior to committing to sinter tooling or just by-pass the tooled process altogether giving you freedom to make changes if necessary. Our costs are highly competitive and you can be safe in the knowledge that people with a real understanding of the technology are making your product, not a generic job shop.

Please contact us with details of your requirements, including:
• The design size of your gerotors (Outer diameter, thickness, number of lobes) – note: we do not need your actual gerotor design at this point
• The material you require the gerotors to be manufactured from
• The quantity you require
• The timing you require for delivery
• The intended usage of the gerotors (fluid, speed, pressure, environment, etc.)
• Basic details of the inner rotor drive mechanism

In addition we can also provide a design service for gerotors, porting and housings, using our software. Design files, CAD models and performance data can be supplied based on your requirements.

Email for more details.

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